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Real-time, nanopore long read sequencing in the field of immunogenetics – from research to clinical use

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At Oxford Nanopore, we are committed to transforming healthcare through real-time genomics. This Oxford Nanopore Technology Symposium at ASHI 2021 showcased the emerging and innovative use of robust and reliable Nanopore technology in the context of Immunogenetics and HLA typing for transplant activities. For potential partners, collaborators, clinical researchers, immunogenetics-focused fellows, Immunologists, and biomarker discovery scientists, this Nanopore Technologies Symposium highlighted cases of real-time genomics that are already impacting the HLA field, from new typing approaches to real-time, enhanced typing resolution assays.

In 2021, after the ASHI Annual Meeting, ASHI Corporate Supporters that held User Groups either live or virtually at the Annual Meeting were offered the opportunity to host their User Group in a webinar format.  These webinars are now part of ASHI University for registrants around the world to view. Please note that the views presented on this webinar are not necessarily the views of ASHI, but are solely the opinions, findings and views of the Corporate Supporter hosting the webinar.