Practical Competency Assessment for HLA Laboratories

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In the first part of this session, we will review the Standards and regulations under which laboratory competency assessment is evaluated. Changes in the ASHI Standards will be discussed. Specific, real- life examples of issues found on inspection will be reviewed. The second part of this session will be focused on how to avoid those citations and document technologist training and competency assessment tasks from the laboratory perspective. Examples of forms used to perform those tasks will be shown and we will discuss how the 6 elements of competency can be documented in the laboratory.  We will also give an overview of how to perform and document competency for CLIA delegated tasks.

Objectives: Following the presentations, the participant will be able to:

1.     List the relevant ASHI and CLIA requirements for personnel competency assessment

2.     Describe the most commonly observed competency assessment issues leading to deficiencies on ASHI inspections

3.     Describe how to document technologists’ training in the HLA laboratory

4.     Describe how to document competency assessment for HLA laboratory technologists, supervisors and directors