CESG Introduction

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This Certification Exam Study Guide is divided into three parts – a set of basic to advanced practice questions with answers, a list of suggested references for a deeper dive into topics you may wish to learn more about and a set of short study materials or one-page summaries and tables of frequently accessed information. These resources are intended to be a supplement to materials available to you in your laboratory, such as lectures, manuals, meetings, not the sole items used for your exam preparation. 

The Study Guide is designed to cover the topics currently listed in the ACHI/ABHI detailed content outlines for the CHA/CHT and CHS exams and provide a foundation upon which to prepare for the Diplomate exam. The practice questions and study materials comprising the Study Guide were developed independently of the ACHI/ABHI CHA/CHT, CHS and Diplomate exams. No one who worked on the Study Guide or contributed to the Study Guide was affiliated with the ACHI/ABHI or participated in development of the ACHI/ABHI Certification Exams.

Regular review and revision are planned as the field and the exam content outlines evolve, and as we receive feedback from users.

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