ASHI 2021 Virtual Regional Education Workshop- FULL ACCESS

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ASHI 2021 Virtual REW 

Welcome and Keynote- Prabhakar Putheti, PhD & Bruce Gelb, MD

Scientific Principles of DHLA Antibody Characterization- Rajalingam Raja, PhD, FRCP, D(ABHI)

Acceptable Antibodies in Solid Organ Transplantation- Rajalingam Raja, PhD, FRCP, D(ABHI)

Technicalities and Interpretation of Antibody Testing-Reut Hod Dvorai, PhD, D(ABHI)

Complexities of HLA Typing- Reut Hod Dvorai, PhD, D(ABHI)

New Technologies to Improve Efficiency and Avoid Subjectivity- Arianne Mankey, CHS(ABHI)

Licenses/Certifications/Job Restrictions in Different States in USA- Arianne Mankey, CHS(ABHI)

Methods for Measuring Donor/Recipient Chimerism for Post-transplant Monitoring in the HLA Lab- Paula Arnold, PhD, D(ABHI)

HLA haplotype Loss Following Transplant Relapse- Paula Arnold, PhD, D(ABHI)